As a cry for personal and collective liberation, Jose expresses a way of life, showing with much respect the shared and experienced diversities. His works contain a great deal of symbolism regarding love and acceptance for the unique and different, through an explosion of colour and sensuality without norms. 

From his most intimate and personal experiences, he integrates technique, life and art. He plays with the spaces’ existing elements in each of his images. He manipulates natural light using different analogue techniques with which he manages to reflect the artist’s intimate vision, thus creating a different way to admire the human figure and integrating these within the photographic portrait. 

  “During my life, I tried to find other point of view into human being, I have always visualized  people in a great range of colors. I have never liked to judge people for their appearance, shape, or skin color, which I have always looked into people’s soul. For a long time I was awake to this ability that is naturally part of me. Using this perception with the creativity I was developing during my career, I found the connection using photography, my own analog methods effects and the present to express the moments I share with people, creating in my images a unique experiences every single time”. Jose Oriek

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